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Welcome To Synfinity

Apple Mac Servicing & Conusltancy

Mac Music Specialists

Computer system design, Installation and

Muisc production, Photography Video Editing

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Michael is now working with


David was drummer with Bristol

David is featured extensively on

A short history of time, er sorry, Synfinity...

Synfinity was originally set up

From the earliest days Michael

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Michael's New Mini Album


Celtic Otherworld

Is now available on CD

Order from the Bandcamp link


Track listing

Celtic Otherworld (Sacred Wells ACircle

Dromberg Stone Circle

Atlantic Coast

Awakening Journey (For C.D.)

Teh Heron At Myross

Kealkil Stone Circle


Videos for some of the

New video for my track

Video of my friend Courtney

Check out Courtney's website at:

Left: Michael performing live in

Note Moogtastic Sound from Moog

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